Silver spruce Christmas tree

Silver spruce Christmas tree lat. picea pungens is a decorative Christmas tree that is bought by a large number of customers primarily because of the color of its needles. The silver spruce is also known for keeping its needles much longer, and it also has the most intense scent of all Christmas trees. Silver spruces are sold cut at a height of 150-190 cm.

Silver spruce can be an intense white-blue color, but they can also be green, the difference from other trees is that it has much thicker branches, firm, hard and sharp needles.

Silver spruce is also called silver, silber, white pine, blue spruce, prickly spruce, blue spruce, Colorado spruce or Engelmann spruce, there are several varieties of this tree. In our offer you can find silver spruces, intense white-blue colors or green shades.

Cut silver spruce can be bought exclusively at our sales points in Zagreb from 17.12. – quantities are limited

Our loyal customers are familiar with our locations, because we have been operating at the same addresses for years.
Pine sales at our stands are made every year in the period;
December 17-24 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.

Every year in the earlier period 1.11.-8.12. we accept online orders for Christmas trees with delivery in the Zagreb area.

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